Before Pics of Bedons Alley

So I’ve been working on this historic home in downtown Charleston, SC…it started out as just a bathroom and kitchen renovation on the left side of the house, but it has turned into a full on renovation…which we couldn’t be more excited about.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the house, it’s special situation and location. It’s located on Bedons Alley, one the hidden streets in Charleston that’s a true gem if you happen to stumble upon it.

So this is the front of the houseimage17

To die for right?! It’s a pied-a-terre. Facing the house the left side is a single unit.

image12 image09image10

This is the side that we were originally working on. There was water damage so we gutted it. Ripped up all the floors, water proofed everything, and had a blank canvas to work with. But you can’t just renovate one side of a house (especially when it’s on the market) and not the make other side just as fabulous. So let me introduce you to the right side of the house.

image07 image13 image14 image16 image15

So now you see why the whole house was in need of a little face lift. Anything that’s been around since the 70’s is due for a little updating…especially when you’re in Charleston, dahling.